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Jill43, senior Member (female join Date: May 2005, posts: 258. Do you have triggers, or trigger points. You can determine what triggers the pain, what helped relieve the pain, and the intensity level of the pain. 06:32 AM # 1, jill43, senior Member (female join Date: May 2005, posts: 258. Be sure to get adequate amount of rest, eat healthy, and exercise as often as possible.

Plus last year, my jaw decided to lock up and ache for about a week, where I could hardly speak or eat. Keep in touch -Heather oh, btw - I totally hear you on the jaw thing - I did something similar a few weeks ago and could on eat soft food for a week. I am stabilized at 1800mg - thats the most that I want to take and still be functional. Memere (KathyMac), 06:05 AM # 10 Jill43 Senior Member (female) Join Date: May 2005 Posts: 258 Re: Trigeminal Neuralgia Well I got the offical diagnoisis from the Neurologist today that I definately have trigeminal neuralgia. Stoke and Trigeminal Neuralgia - Any connection? I wouldn't remember what I read or saw by the next day, and sometimes re-read things. Then two weeks ago, I started having highly sensitive skin on my scalp and forehead and down the right hand side of my face accompanied by the occasional stabbing pain in my head or cheek bone, burning skin, aching lower jaw, painful and sensitive teeth. This helps to make it more tolerable. Jill Last edited by Jill43; at 06:11., 12:59 PM # 15 Primrose77 Newbie (female) Join Date: Aug 2006 Location: South Wales, United Kingdom Posts: 9 Re: Trigeminal Neuralgia Hi, I hope you don't mind me jumping on to your thread. I spoke with my family doctor (who reccomended Gamma knife done locally a family friend who was a vascular/general surgeon who had performed several surgeries on my wife (who voted for Microvascular Decompression or MVD) and I studied everything I could find on the internet.

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  • During a lull in the pain I researched my symptoms and discovered some TN chat.
  • Facial Pain Network offers an online community for those who are involved with Trigeminal Neuralgia in some way.

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It took almost 6 weeks before I finally got rid. I still had double vision the next morning when we drove 4 hours back home. Even simple tasks like typing or loading the dishwasher were major in my diminished capacity. I saw. Take care, Hugs, Mandy Last edited by HaveaHeart; at 10:34., 05:25 AM # 8 Jill43 Senior Member (female) Join Date: May 2005 Posts: 258 Re: Trigeminal Neuralgia Hi Mandy, Yes, I am still having problems. The burning ear makes me crazy.

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Cam direct sex gratis sex dating I am really lucky that my family doc diagnosed me and both he and his nurse practitioner are on my side. I knew I had been under the knife, and ask what time it was 2:30. Does eating bother you? Welcome to our reviews of the.
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